Ayatori game is played by manipulating one string on, around, and using one’s fingers or sometimes between the fingers of multiple people. Using that as a starting point, the Jewellery item is design based on the shape of the human hand.


It took shape of a ring and decorated with 26 small holes all around its frame. Each of these holes represents the active area around the player's fingers where the strings usually sit during the game. Since 1 person has 18 active areas for the string to sit on, 26 indicate that there are two individuals involves in one game.

These numbers refer back to the gameplay on which whenever you finish making one pattern, you passed it to another person by slipping it in between their finger, and a reason why if you cover half of the items, the pattern is shown on the right and the left is a mirror pattern.

" With a brief to create a creative and easy to produce jewellery item inspired by traditional games. Ayatori Is art jewellery based on a string figures game

The Cat’s Cradle. "

Produced by using Lost wax casting method with the help of 3D Printer to create the wax model, the main body of the object is made in 925 silver with a high-polish finish and decorated with red polyester thread, referencing to its ancient usage as a divination medium. This method of production and material chosen, allowing the items to be easily produced and customise.

By investigating the way the game is played and observing on figures created by it, There are five primary threads combination with three possible variations for each combination, giving it a total of 15 different looks that wearer could explore by simply change the colour of the threads or its arrangements.

All in all this art jewellery not only serve as a medium for its wearer to express their creativity through the thread manipulations over the 26 holes provided, but It also provides a solution to the design brief given.