FRAGMENTS: Runner up of 2017 Huawei design competition.

February 22, 2017


The design brief is to design luxury accessories for Huawei W handset that addresses the artistic minded of the new cosmopolitan market.


In response to that brief, Charmain together with Alexander Cole, Yixuan Gao, and Yuki Deng came up with three mobile phone accessory ideas, on which Fragments is one of it.


The project fragments, start with defining what “luxury” is. For Charmain and his team, luxury is being able to store a moment and memories. According to Thurmes “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”, but in reality we haven’t really done that much with the picture that we have apart from sharing it in social media.


Seeing that gap, fragments explore the new way for people to share and embrace their memory through the use of a phone case.


Fragments Is a product that not only protects your phone but also enables you to share and embrace your memory. It’s a new platform to express your creativity by highlighting your “moment” in a day for the whole year (After a year the apps will save the collage automatically to Its gallery).


Using the “Deep learning Algorithms,” the apps will extract one favourite picture on your linked social media, daily. After that, it will automatically make a cut-out based on the focus point of that specific picture.


This cut-out is shown as an evolving collage through the Fragments phone case, which used a full-colour E-ink panel, so It is fully customizable and unique for each person.



Project Fragments are selected as the second winner of the Huawei design competition on 22 February 2017, and has been displayed together with the winner "Project Spectra" on The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the same year.






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